4 Ways to Effectively Use Fire Extinguishers in Family Homes

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A family home is filled with children, memories, and a lot of potential fire hazards. Help prevent fires by following the proper precautions. Stop small fires from escalating quickly with the use of a fire extinguisher. A fire extinguisher is not something you just purchase and set aside until the device is needed.
In a family home, there are many aspects to consider when planning your fire safety and preparing for the possible use of fire extinguishers. Learn safety tips and procedures you should follow to equip your home with all your extinguisher needs properly.


1. Fire Extinguisher Rooms

In a family home, there are a lot of rooms in the home and a lot of places where a fire may start. While every room does not need its own fire extinguisher, some of the more high-risk rooms should have them equipped.
For example, the kitchen is a must-have location. Planning big family meals and using multiple cooking appliances creates a lot of heat and possible dangers. Avoid any potential problems with a fire extinguisher located in the room.
The laundry room is another ideal location for a fire extinguisher due to the high heat and dangers associated with dryer lint. Other places include the garage or a basement near a furnace or water heater area.
On some homes, you may want to include a fire extinguisher on the exterior deck of the house. In a family home, you may cook large meals on a grill or outdoor fryer. The access to a fire extinguisher can help in any emergency situations.

2. Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

Having a fire extinguisher in the home only works well if the device operates correctly. Over time, fire extinguishers may jam, get blocked up, or have leaks preventing the extinguisher from working properly.
To help ensure your fire extinguishers operate correctly, consider an annual maintenance program. The annual program features a detailed inspection to ensure proper safety precautions are met. Some examples include the fullness of the extinguisher, any signs or corrosion, or if there are leaks within the extinguisher.
If problems do occur, the extinguisher gets replaced, and you can feel safe knowing your devices will be good to go in case of a fire.

3. Fire Extinguisher Cabinet Installation

Ideally, you want to have an easy to access location for a fire extinguisher, but problems may be presented with young children in the home. Curious children may try grabbing the extinguisher or testing the thing out when they are not supposed to.
Prevent unwanted hands on your fire extinguisher with the installation of a locked glass cabinet. The cabinet prevents people from getting inside but still offers access in the case of an emergency. When a fire does occur, the glass on the cabinet gets smashed, so the extinguisher has easy access. You do not need to put the extinguisher out of reach from a child because moving the extinguisher to another location could delay the time it takes to eliminate the fire.

4. Fire Extinguisher Training

As your children get older, they may start staying home alone more often. One of the rules a child must follow while staying home alone is ensuring they know how to use a fire extinguisher properly. The lessons and training can all be learned through a hands-on training course.
The course will teach your child proper fire safety training and ways to effectively use a fire extinguisher. Not only will your child learn, but they will get a chance to shoot the fire extinguisher towards a controlled fire and learn the best ways to put the flames out.
Keep your family protected with our professional services at  FireWatch. We are here to help serve all your needs and equip your home with protection.
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