Fire Prevention: Keeping Safe in Your Kitchen

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Is your kitchen safe from the risk of a fire? Kitchens are the number one origin of fires in the homes, yet many homeowners and renters are still unprepared for such situations. Use the following strategies to keep safe in your kitchen and reduce overall risk of a fire in the home.

The Red Cross recommends that you never leave cooking unattended. Since the majority of house fires start in the kitchen, it should come as no surprise that the number one cause of fires is cooking. Also, make sure that children and pets are never left untended near the stove or range.


Know the Risks of Smoking

When fire prevention experts speak of combustible items in the home, they often are referring to smoking materials. Keep lighters, matches, pipes, and all other tobacco-related products out of reach and away from heat sources.


Watch What You Wear

Your clothes could increase the risk of a fire in your home, including the kitchen; loose or draping clothing has the potential of catching on fire when you are  working in or near the stove. Make sure to watch what you wear when cooking.


Keep Things Clear

Another way to prevent fire in the home while also making it easier to exit in case of an emergency is to keep it tidy and orderly. Try to keep the space clean and clear while also freeing doors and exits of any obstacles that could slow you down in the event of an emergency or evacuation.


Learn to Identify Trouble

Take an earnest look around your kitchen: are there obstacles and hazards that could contribute to a fire? Make a point to eliminate potential hazards, including damaged or overloaded cords and outlets to curb the chance of an electrical fire in the kitchen and throughout your home.


Invest in the Basics

Smoke alarms and sprinkler systems are a very basic safeguard against fires that are well-worth the investment. You may be able to carve some savings on homeowner or renter insurance when you invest in and maintain alarms or systems that make your home a safer place to be. Talk to fire safety professionals about the best symptoms for your distinct dwelling.


Keep Up Maintenance

Just because you bought a fire extinguisher a few years ago does not mean you are prepared for an emergency. Make sure to properly maintain your extinguisher, which includes servicing and inspections each year. Also, try out your extinguisher just before taking it to be serviced; this will make you far more comfortable when you need to act fast.


Get Rid of Grease

Another way to reduce the risk of a kitchen fire is to keep surfaces clean and grease at a minimum. A dirty stove, vent, or burner can lead to combustion, which can move quickly across greasy or dirty surfaces. Invest in a spray bottle of a good de-greasing agent and keep things spic and span to stay safe.


Give the Stove Space

Give your stove a bit of space and create a perimeter around this appliance in the kitchen. Do not allow utensils, mitts, or packaging within this border to prevent accidental combustion near the stove's burners or range-top. Treat this space as being hot and hazardous — even when it is not warm to the touch.

Talk to fire prevention experts when having your extinguishers serviced or when you are implementing smoke alarms or sprinkler systems. These professionals will be able to advise you in regards to the number of detectors, basic safety equipment, and other information related to reducing the risk of a fire in your home.

Want to reduce the risk of a fire in your kitchen? Pay heed to these safety strategies and work with the experts at FireWatch to ensure your equipment, extinguishers, and systems are up to par before an emergency occurs.
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