Five Fire Safety Tips for Your Property

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The main job of property owners is to keep their building and everyone inside it as safe as possible. That is why it is important that you focus on commercial fire protection.
It is critical to examine your building for fire hazards, and get familiar with the following tips:


1. Make Sure Fire Alarms Are Correctly Fitted

Fire alarms are usually your first line of protection when it comes to fire safety. Make sure they are set up in high traffic areas as well as stores and isolated areas of your property to protect at all times. Test these devices on a regular basis, at least once a month.


2. Safety Measures in Kitchens

If your property has kitchens, take protective measures to avoid accidents. Cooking is the number-one cause of property fires and can easily be prevented. Keep watch of hot grease, always keep cloths or potholders out of the way and make sure fire extinguishers are placed in key areas across the building.


3. Have a Contingency Plan

One of the main things you should have is a plan. When a fire accident happens, your property occupants have very limited time to exit the building. This can create confusion. Having a plan can help save lives.


4. Inspect Electrical Wiring

Checking all electrical cabling in your structure is an important step. Faulty wiring is a serious risk factor when it comes to property fires. Redesigning electrical wiring can be costly, but most property owners would agree that keeping their tenants and their assets safe is worth the price.


5. Know Your Locality’s Fire Codes

Learn the rules and regulations relating to fire safety in your locality. You have to lawfully stay in line with all the local regulations and fire codes to make sure that you, your building, and all your occupants are safe. If you are unaware of the regulations and are not sure if you have complied with the obligatory codes, contact an expert fire inspector and have them inspect your property.
For more fire safety tips or to inquire about our first-rate fire prevention supplies, contact FireWatch in San Diego, California, today!
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